Monday, September 12, 2011

What?! Annalise is a Senior?!

What?! Annalise is a Senior?! That's exactly what I said out loud to my computer when I received an e-mail from her mom about doing her senior pictures. Wait... it was just yesterday when her oldest sister Mariel and I would con her into sitting on our laps and climbing into sleeping bags then gliding oh so gracefully down the stairs! I swear she was that cute little brave 5 year old not that long ago.

Well she is still cute and still brave but not so little anymore...

Okay I lied... she's not cute. She is absolutely gorgeous! 

She's not just beautiful on the outside either!

She's also smart and athletic... yeah she's kind of a big deal :)

I just love these with her horse. Annalise plans on becoming a Veterinarian and hopefully attending Washington State University at some point! GO COUGS

Annalise, even though I still see you as that cute little 5 year old eager to go fly down those stairs I know you are going to be successful in all that you do. Good luck on your senior year at Moses Lake High School! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Erika + PR = Married Picture Perfect by Roseanna | Northwest and Destination Wedding Photographer

 Erika + PR = Married | Farmington MO

Congrats to these two amazing people!! This was definitely the biggest wedding party I had ever worked but everyone was so awesome, we dealt with sun, rain and humidity! Like they say in Missouri... "If you don't like the weather, just hang out for a bit and it will change!" It sure did stop raining thank you Baby Jesus because I have no clue where I was going to take a wedding party of 20+ people!

They both gave each other a gift before the ceremony...
Ugh there goes the tears! She read his letter and said, "Aww he is sooo sweet"  

Isn't this dress amazing?!

Don't forget to check out these shoes, they said "I Do" on the bottom of them.

 A moment with her dad right before walking her up the isle...

One of the most emotional weddings I have ever been to, it was hard to shoot through my water filled eyes...

You see, these two wonderful people were technically married. The grooms father was losing his battle with cancer so at the last minute they decided to get married in the living room so his father could be there. They had taped it and so graciously shared that moment with us during the ceremony. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a dry eye in the church. Thank you PR and Erika for sharing that with us. 

 Then we went out to an amazing location where I have no clue how Erika hiked up that rock! Props to you Erika! 

 Ugh I'm in love with these!

The Alexander hall in Farmington looks absolutely amazing! 
PR found a 4 leaf clover on our way out! I wish you to the best of luck and happiness in all your years to come!!